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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Working early

Instead of getting on the computer early this morning, I went straight to the studio to finish getting this quilt stabilized.   

It wasn't easy as the backing is only about 1/4 inch larger than the top.  I had thought I might need to take the outside border off before I could quilt it.  That's why I waited for the phone call.  I was given permission to remove the outside border if it was going to create a problem.

I decided to wait until I had worked on stabilizing it before making a decision to remove the border.  I knew that if I ran into a problem after starting the work, I could always remove the quilt from the machine to remove just that part.  Now that the quilt is stabilized, it won't be a problem quilting it.  I don't think I will work on it any more until Monday though.  I have some other things I want to do, like washing and cooking.


lw said...

I've never had that happen with woven fabrics, only with t-shirt quilts where the top came out to be a different size than expected.

Anita Estes said...

It wasn't anything I did or that the quilt had too much stretch.

The backing brought with it was too small. I ask people to bring me backing at least 6" longer and 6" wider than the top but some people don't do that. They bring a backing exactly the same size as the top.

I will call to give them a choice, get another backing and bring it to me or let me remove a border.

I decided to work with this quilt as is because this is her very last quilt. Her health has come to a point where she won't be making quilts anymore. Her son is the one who brought it to me. I will miss her.

kathi said...

YOU are so KIND. i ask for ATLEAST EIGHT to ten inches longer and wider. No. i don't always get it. but MAYBE i'll get two or three. giggle. I also see what looks like some "flaring" in that border. YOU are a miracle worker to get THAT worked out with so little "extra".. another reason i ask for "a bit more".