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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Away all day

My daughter had her first yard sale yesterday so I was there all day.  She did pretty good for no advertising and not many items to sell.   She just put out some signs on posts the day before.

She found out the neighborhood has a community yard sale twice a year so next time she might do better.  The next one is in September. 

She asked me if I knew what these little things in her mulch were.  I don't know.  I've never seen them before but apparently they are some type of mushroom.  It's a good thing Ladybug is not too adventurous.  I'm afraid these are poisonous.  I think next spring my daughter should replace the mulch with rock or something that won't be dangerous.

I was surprised I spent the whole day outside despite the heat.  I could have gone inside if I had wanted but I really didn't feel uncomfortable setting on the porch where it was shady.  I got to meet several of her neighbors.  It's really a nice neighborhood.  I sure wish my neighborhood was half as nice.

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