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Monday, July 5, 2010

The holiday is over

I hope everyone had a great holiday!  It was neighborhood picnic day here.  You can just barely see it but the next block was closed off for kid things like a jumping station and a water slide.  Just past that block is the park where there was music, food, and other stuff.

It was too hot for me so I didn't walk down there.  My neighbors described everything for me.  Later there was fireworks..... lots and lots of fireworks!  They started about 9 and went on until about 12.  

I like the shape of the one in the background of this picture.  Looks sort of like a mariner's compus quilt with the triangular shapes.  You can see the shape better if you enlarge it.

It was after midnight before things started to quiet down.  No roofs were set on fire this year thank goodness.  I sure hope the kids have used all the cherry bombs!  I'm tired of hearing the loud booms like there is an explosion.  Ok, it was fun for the kids.  I'm really glad they had their fun.  If I were a kid again I would like the bombs too.  Just not so many right outside my window.  I'm hopefull there won't be any more bombs until next year.  My ears may stop ringing by that time.


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