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Monday, November 23, 2009

Cardboard furniture

This is an example of the cardboard furniture I make and plan to include in my blog. This is the two sides of the bottom half of a desk.

Here you see the drawers of the units.

There are several steps to making pieces of furniture from cardboard. I can't say it's cheaper than buying something from a thrift store to paint and re purpose. At the same time, creating your own furniture means it's a one of a kind original, created just for your space, type of furniture that's lots of fun to make.
I'm thinking I should start another blog just for the furniture instructions and examples. I can do that but..... what would I call it? Does anyone have an idea for a catchy name for a cardboard craft and furniture blog?


Kathy said...

wow thats cool

Trish said...

I would like to know more about making things out of cardboard. Did you ever start a new blog about it? What does your desk look like now? I am trying to read the rest of you blog. But, I am only at 2009!! I have enjoyed it completely!