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Friday, July 9, 2010

Waiting for a call

I was waiting on a phone call from the owner of the next quilt before I could start on it. I put this one of my own on the machine and worked with it while I waited.  This is the window quilt that isn't going to hang on a window.  It's going to hang in the archway between the studio and the kitchen.  There's a lot of stitching on it already and lots more to be done before it's finished. 

What I'm doing is emptying bobbins as I do the stitching on it.  I had a couple dozen bobbins with just small amounts of thread on them.  It's colors that I haven't needed for customer quilts for a very long time.  I don't want to just unwind the thread and throw it away so it's all going into this quilt.  What you see is actually going to be the back of the quilt and the backing will become the front.  There's ALOT of different colors that will be on the back when it's done.  I've worked on this one off and on for several months.  No hurry to get it done as long as it's before cold weather returns.  Thank goodness for zipper leaders.

I ran all the anti-virus software that I have on my computer.  So far my computer seems to be ok.  For now there isn't any more corn or unexpected turning itself off.   

I finally talked with someone at the court house about getting my mother a state appointed guardian.  He was very discouraging about me turning the responsibility over to them.  I was told each state guardian has 200 to 300 clients already.  I told him the situation and how frustrating it was for me to deal with my mother.  He said "It's not right to burden a state worker with more work because you can't deal with the frustration."   

He did give me a suggestion that might work.  He said maybe one of the state appointed guardians (for other patients at the nursing home) could talk with my mother, during their regular visit, to explain what a state guardian would and wouldn't do for her.  The state guardians visit the home every once in awhile as required by law.  He can have one of them talk with my mother and explain what she believes will happen..... won't.

I got news for him..... I'm not as weak as he might believe.  I do have some backbone in me.  I may have given in this time but ONLY to give his suggestion a try.  If it doesn't work, I'm going to INSIST they appoint her another guardian.  They are the professionals trained (and paid) to do that type of work but I'm not.  They can handle the frustration from now on because I won't deal with it anymore. 

We got rain last night and the weather is supposed to be cooler for a few days.  Maybe I can get more work finished than I've been able to do while it's been so hot.  One of my 4 customers brought me 9 tops, a second brought 3.  Some of the tops are very small pillow size. 


Elaine said...

This looks like a beautiful quilt. Nice quilting design also.

Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

That's a pretty quilt you're working on. Good luck with the state guardian process.

kathi said...

STICK TO YOUR GUNS on the STATE GUARDIAN for your mom. Yes, it is sad they are overworked. BUT. states are 'cutting back" they are "retiring" more experienced workers and putting the "new kids" in the jobs. the "new kids" don't KNOW what REAL WORK even IS.. YET.

YOU ALSO ARE OVERWORKED. YOU have been OVERWORKED with your mom since you were a WEE CHILD. enough is enough.

DO NOTT let ANYONE,, let alone a pip squeek state employee whining over how overworked they are, MAKE YOU FEEL GUILTY. just DO IT.

they HAVE to TAKE CARE of things for your mom once the state is appointed as her guardian. sorry they are overworked. we ALL are. but IT'S THEIR JOB and they get PAID to do it. AND it will be GOOD for your mom. PERHAPS. just PERHAPS she will LEARN how to "behave a tad better' once she realizes her EXTREME BAD BEHAVIOR is NOT going to get her ANYWHERE. she already KNOWS that her bad behaviour "gets" to you. ENOUGH.