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Thursday, July 8, 2010

The heat

Nothing very interesting to post about.  No finished quilts to show.  No art finished to show either.  The heat must be keeping everyone indoors like me.  No interesting photos to take.  No neighborhood happenings other than something happening to my computer that's very strange.  Yesterday and the day before, for no apparent reason, it would blip off right in the middle of whatever I was doing.  Just like when the lights suddenly go out.  Only everything else was still on so that wasn't the problem.  Then it would reboot all on it's own.

I ran all the different security software and several things were removed.  There is one remaining item that is an ugly pop up virus.  It's a CORN pop up.  Change the C to a P.  That's what the security software message said anyway. 

From what I read, if it's true, the only way to get that virus removed is by subscribing to a security software annual fee to keep current on these viruses.  McAfee.  Nope, nada, not going to pay anymore annual fees to keep writing blogs.  I already pay two fees for keeping photos and a monthly fee to have internet access.  I suspect it may be similar to the virus that went around the internet a few months back.  You know the one that said we had security problems?  Maybe it's time for my computer to go back to the 'puter doctor for a checkup.  I'll see how my budget is and plan for it next month.

Maybe I'll have something more interesting to post about tomorrow.


SandyQuilts said...

I use AVG (free) and SpyBot (free) to keep the CORN and others away ... works for me.

Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Sounds like you have one of those Fake Anti-Virus viruses. Download SuperAnti-Spyware and MalwareBytes. Install them then power down and reboot in Safe Mode to run them. As a rule they remove any of the fake anti-virus stuff. I find that McAfee & Norton do nothing to keep this stuff off the computer and usually miss it once it's on. I like AVG or Avast for anti-virus programs. Good luck.

Anita Estes said...

Yes, it has to be one of those darn fake anti-virus things. Always trying to get our money aren't they?

I have avg, mcafee, norton, and spybot on my computer. I run these regularly but sometimes stuff sneaks through. If I can't get rid of something with those then I take the computer to the professionals.

So far the computer seems to be ok and no messages popping up.