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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A creative day for myself

I decided there is enough time to do a couple of things for myself instead of starting right away on the next customer quilt.  I'm trying to stay with a mixture of both mine and customer work.  This one will eventually become a window quilt for the side by side windows in my studio.  I want it to be my fair entry first though.  I got it stabilized and today I'll work on getting it quilted.  I'm not sure what design I want to quilt on it yet. 

Sometimes I like to experiment using scraps I've got left over from other projects.  Sometimes the experiment goes wrong.  This was made from some leftover flannel.  I thought surely there was enough to do one rug.... apparently not. 

I can probably buy enough flannel to finish that one area.  It shouldn't take over 1/4 yard of each color.  I kind of like the look and feel of it.  I'm thinking if I'm going to buy more flannel anyway maybe I will buy enough to do a matching bathmat rug.  Although, in my opinion, this technique is fairly difficult.  I'm not sure I want to take on another difficult task right now.  I'll think about it for awhile before deciding.

I received a new batch of cardboard boxes.  Yippie!  These pieces should keep me supplied for quite a long time.  There is more there than it looks.  I got them all cut apart into flat pieces so they are easier to store.  I would love to have about a month of nothing to do but play with cardboard all day long. 

The same people who brought me the cardboard also brought me more upholstery samples.  They have the most fantastic fabric.  I see art instead of samples.  I have some ideas for these..... but when, when am I going to have time to play with them?  Not enough hours in the day.

Time for creating and time for work don't always play nicely together.  Add in living a frugal lifestyle and time really becomes a precious commodity.  Achieving balance is the hardest when there are so many DIY projects fighting for my time.

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lw said...

I love the log cabin-- beautiful colors!