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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The third R

The third R of frugal living is..... REFRESH IT

To refresh something is to give it new life instead of tossing it and buying new.  Whenever something in your house starts to show signs of wear and constant use; ask yourself, "Is there some way this item could possibly be refreshed?"  For example, the fabric arms on your couch are getting worn and showing signs of use.  Could you make some pretty arm covers instead of getting a new cheap couch?

A few months ago I made this cover for my Gammill chair.  The chair was fine except for showing signs of age with a rip in the upholstery.  Now it has been refreshed to keep being used as intended.

When my husband and I first married we moved into an older rental house.  The house had linoleum floors in a pretty pattern.  It looked like stones with black grout between them.  That floor was fine and looked really nice in all areas except in front of the sink, the stove, and down a hallway where it was showing signs of wear.  The grout lines were fading from all the foot traffic in those areas.  The stones looked fine.    I took a permanent marker and redrew the grout lines.  Two years later when we moved, the grout lines were starting to show signs of wear again.  I redrew them before we turned in the keys.  I had refreshed that linoleum flooring.... twice.

Refreshing is just slightly different than repairing.  In repairing I would have patched the chair instead of making a cover.  In refreshing the floor I drew the lines but in repairing I might have looked for matching linoleum to patch it in.  Get the idea?  Refreshing something is more like making it look clean and new again.

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