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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ladybug has a sense of humor

Ladybug went to the dentist yesterday to get a cavity filled.  After the dentist visit, The Mommie needed to get some sleep because she stayed out too late the night before.  She came here so I could watch Ladybug.

The nice thing about going to a Grandmother's house is because she let's you play with messy stuff and never complains when there is a mess to clean up.  NaNa has lots of fun things to feel and look at and learn about.  Sometimes NaNa lets you play with "babik"  and sometimes wall paper paste.

Yesterday Ladybug happen to be playing with the paste.  She started painting the palm of her hand to see how it felt.  At one point she was really concentrating on painting her hand.  Kind of like she was waiting for me to ask about it.  So I did.  I asked her "Why are you painting your hand".  She says  "because".  I asked her "because why"?  She looked at me really serious and said "hold out your hand NaNa".   I did and she starts painting my palm.  She then looks at me with a little sly grin and said.... tickle, tickle, tickle. 


lw said...

Too cute!! Ladybug is at a wonderful age. I had one Grandma who would have acted the way you did (loving and amused) and one who would have freaked out and made someone wash me up.

Anita Estes said...

Yup, the age when all things are interesting and the curiosity to learn is greatest.

I let all my kids make messes, so naturally I'm going to let the grands make messes too.