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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Winter is not far away

This is today's finished quilt. She wanted simple quilting but I kept hearing it tell me to put something here or there. I finally had to say, ok it's done no matter what it kept saying.

This is the friendly borders.

A view of the back.

And a close up of the sashing.

Twice today I went outside to see this in the sky. Geese flying south for winter. I say, so long, see you in the spring, as they fly by.

I spent a little time rewriting the opening entry on my other blog. I wasn't happy with the way it read before. I figured I should change it before I forgot about it. As if that would really happen. (smile) I can't seem to stop thinking about it these days. I also wrote a couple more entries.

I'm still trying to figure out how to make it a list of links you can click on instead of just a long group of journal entries. I guess I will have to find a copy of blogging for dummies or find some kind soul to help me create a really nice blog site. I would really like to add a hit counter to it too. I'm not sure how that is done though. Maybe I will figure that out over time.

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