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Friday, November 23, 2007

Christmas count down

Today's finished quilt. An I Spy quilt. I loved looking at all the different fabrics in there. Makes me want to make one for my own bed. But one of the grandkids will probably get one in the future.

This shows the swag I did on the border and some of the center using the CL swirls template.

This is a view of the back and the reason I chose the swirls pattern.

I spent the rest of the day mopping the studio floor and doing a general clean up. While waiting for the floor to dry I worked on some of my own projects. Tomorrow I hope to finish piecing the t-shirt quilt and work on another custom quilt that should be finished before my vacation. I have 4 or 5 more customer tops plus the two custom to finish. Shouldn't be a problem getting them done on time.

I talked with my DIL about my visit next month. Both of us are anxious for the time to get here. She wants to learn how to sew and I want to help her learn. Great for both of us. I'm also anxious to spend time with my sons and the grandkids. This makes me want to buy a car again so I can visit more often. But, there are other priorities right now. As much as I would love to have a car again I will have to wait.

Why don't I have a car now? Because I got tired of fixing things broken by vandals. Windows, mirrors, tires, scratches and stuff like that. Plus I wanted to use the money I was paying for insurance for other things. I gave my car to a man who really needed it to get a job. Since all the bad little rug rats have moved to other neighborhoods I've been looking at possible cars for me. I saw one on a car lot the other day that looked perfect. I thought I could hear it calling my name but I was on a bus and didn't want to get off. It was raining.

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EileenKNY said...

Good luck with the car hunt, but make sure anything you consider gets very good gas mileage.
Where do your DS and DIL live?