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Friday, November 16, 2007

Rejection letter

I got my rejection letter from Form Not Function yesterday. It was only a week late. I had entered these two and another one I don't have a photo of right now.

I do believe that will be my last attempt at entering any juried show. Getting into a juried show is simply not worth the expense. I create quilts because I enjoy making them.

I originally entered that contest because I wanted to see what my work would look like hanging in a gallery next to artists. At the time I entered; I believed this to be important. But you know what? That isn't really all that important anymore.

The best gallery in the world is the wall of my grand children's bedroom. Or that of a homeless man walking down the street with a quilt bedroll hanging from his shoulder. Or seeing a quilt I donate raise money to benefit a charity in some small way.

So I will continue to make quilts. I will make them because the urge to create comes upon me...not with the intention of getting into a juried show.

My quilts will be appreciated much more by those who receive them than those who run a quilt show. My quilts will get love from the homeless families, the elderly lonely, the very sick, the children, the charities who need an auction item, the animal charities, and family members.

So with that said....I'm headed off to the studio to create today.

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