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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Get ready to organize

Before I go on; let me tell you about an email I received from an internet friend who reads my blogs. My internet friend had read the story about why we buy fabrics.

She sent me an email telling about her quilting friend. The friend has so much fabric that several of their friends were thinking maybe they should call Intervention for her. I got a really good chuckle out of that because it sounds so much like me. I have so much fabric that sometimes I feel like I need intervention too.

Honestly, I think the fabric critters are multiplying themselves when I'm not looking. The reason I think this? Because every once in awhile I come across a fabric I don't remember ever seeing before. Just like in dogs or cats. The offspring sometimes look nothing like the mother. When I come across a fabric I don't recognize I look around to see if I can spot the guilty parents. Never can figure out which ones though because they all look so innocent just laying there quietly. I think I need to start a spay and neuter your fabrics campaign.

Anyway, back to the organizing.....

As you can probably tell I'm getting antsy to start reorganizing. I started gathering items I will use when I start. I bought 4 boxes of these when I did my 6 months grocery shopping. I happen to like this large size as well as the gallon size for my organizing. I wish I could have bought more but these were all the store had. I'll ask my daughter to pick some up next time she goes to the store.

Ok, don't you go rushing out to the store to buy any just yet. This is supposed to be about saving money too....right? If you have them already, good, stake a claim and rush them to your fabric stash before someone else in the house decides to claim them. Just don't hide the boxes. Leave them right out in the open and no one will notice they are there. Hidden in plain sight as the saying goes. When you see how these are used you might find something around your house that would work better for you.

These things here are much more important than the bags right now anyway. What is it?

I'm glad you asked. Through out the year....when ever I receive a magazine, or search on the internet, or look through my books for inspiration.....I make copies of the directions of any quilt I think I might like to make someday. It doesn't matter if I never get around to actually making the quilt. I just like to have all the instructions for quilts I want to make in one place instead of having to search through books or the internet to find it again. Out of sight, out of mind means the quilt doesn't have a chance of ever getting created. Unless, of course, you come across it again when you aren't really looking for it. When I'm ready to make another quilt I go to this stack of instruction pages first.

You will notice I have some quilt names written on sheets of paper. These are reminder pages for me. These are quilts that I plan to make for my kids, grandkids, or friends. I also make reminder pages for charity quilts. For those with just written names, I either don't need the instruction sheets or they are stored with a template set. For example the Dresden plate made from neckties is one I have created several times already so I don't need the directions. I can figure out the number of pieces to cut when I'm ready to make one. Hmm, I wonder why I spelled Dresden with an a instead of an e? One of those senior moments again.....I guess.

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EileenKNY said...

Hehe, Anita. So-what do you use those 2.5 gallon bags for?