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Sunday, November 11, 2007

About this site

Are you overwhelmed by the volume 0f your stash and crafting supplies? Are you constantly telling yourself "I need to get organized, I need to get organized"? Have you reached the breaking point with all your disorganization? Are you sometimes tempted to box up all the quilt stuff and donate it to the nearest thrift store or charity group? Do you want to create more quilts in less time so you can bust the stash but can't see a path to the next project? Are you constantly trying to cram a warehouse full of fabric and craft supplies into a room the size of a closet? Are you thinking if I only had a bigger space....if I only had more storage units.....if I only had more time and other such thoughts? Are you always trying to magically transform 40 hours a week into 80 hours? Trust me that can't be done. 40 hours will always remain 40 hours.

A quilter's life has gained momentum over the last couple of decades. The invention of speed piecing, rotary cutters, and various new gadgets have increased the volume of quilts being turned out these days. I believe the fast pace and growing numbers of quilts to get done will only increase over time. The professional quilter will need to be very organized to keep up with the increasing demands on our time. A professional quilter who is well organized will thrive and succeed while a disorganized quilter will feel overwhelmed, dishearten, unsure of what direction to turn, eventually getting burned out and quit.

If you are a quilter; you can no longer afford to be disorganized. Organizing is a necessity if you want to continue to be successful. Staying organized is learned, not inherited in the genes. Just as you have learned to piece quilts or to operate a quilting machine; organizing can be learned too. Think of this site as one more tool in your quilting tool box. A place to come to get inspired while you create order out of your stash.

Now let me ask you.....What good is having all that fabric in a stash if you can't find the right piece when you want to create a quilt? Why would you even think of tossing out all that stuff when you (or someone) paid very good money for it? Throwing away fabric or any other thing is like throwing money in the trash. Can you afford to throw away money? I certainly can't.

I make quilts from all types of scrap fabrics. It's not unusual for fabric fairies to drop off bags and boxes of really unusual fabrics while I'm away from home. I come back to find it all sitting on my porch. From upholstery fabrics..... to shirt sleeves from a clothing factory..... to neckties.....to really old eeewww fabrics..... I seem to get them all. Being the thrifty person I am, I can't resist making quilts from all those fabrics. Umm.... well as many as possible. Oh and my customers all know how much I love their gifts of scrap fabrics! To me a gift of scrap fabrics is almost the same as handing me money.

I was getting many repeat questions about how I manage to get so much work finished. I was constantly repeating myself as I answered the same questions over and over again. Trust me....repeating information many times over is not a good habit to start forming for a senior who is already accused of getting forgetful.

This site is one way I'm keeping myself organized and saving time. Instead of repeating myself verbally time after time or typing email after email I can store all the information here. When someone asks how I get so much done....I save precious minutes in my day by referring them here. The precious minutes can be better spent finishing a customer's quilt or a charity quilt.

I know 40 hours can't be magically turned into 80, yet, I also know some things and habits can be changed to allow more work to be finished each day, or week, or month, etc. Yes, there are many sites you can visit for tips on creating tops faster like Judy Laquidara or Bonnie Hunter. I hope to make my blog site a place where organizing and saving time is key. I'm not an organizing expert but I do believe I have some good ideas that might trigger some ideas of your own. Enjoy!

P.S. If you send me an email or post a comment, I may not answer right away. My computer is way back in another room to keep me from being tempted to sit and read all day long. There is nothing I would like better than to play all day but earning a living must be done.

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EileenKNY said...

Thank you for this blog, Anita. I may not always comment, but I will read.
Happy Thanksgiving!!