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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Christmas rush, rush, rush

Today's finished quilt. I'm not sure what this top design is called but I like it. I did a Baptist fan in the center pieced area.

Then a freehand feather around the outside. In order to make the feather wave and curl I had to use the outside sashing along with the border.

This is a view from the back.

As each quilt gets finished; I get more anxious to start organizing. I've never felt like organizing so early before. These feelings always waited until January to come upon me. When I did the end of year paperwork is usually when I got the feelings to start cleaning and organizing everything else.

Probably because it has always been rush, rush, rush, to finish up the Christmas quilts. The working hours get longer so that more quilts get finished; then, the day after Christmas, it's totally quiet and there is nothing to do. No phone calls. No early morning to late night working. I would still be in the rush, rush mode and had to do something with all that adrenalin energy. So I would put it to good use by cleaning and organizing.

Ah, well, I have to do the same thing as anyone who is working an outside job, I have to wait for the time off. The vacation. That's what the time between Christmas and the January waiting list actually is...my vacation.

Ok, I have another quilt on the machine calling me to work......

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EileenKNY said...

Just don't crack the whip so hard that you get rundown and ill. Take it easy.