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Monday, November 12, 2007

Memorial Day

No finished quilt today.

My brother and I went to Fort Knox Army Base to see Dad for Memorial day. I haven't been there in a very long time. We saw that the grave is sinking. The stone is about half way down in the ground.

It was a sad sight that this is on a military base and there is not one single flag on any of the veteran's graves. This used to be a little chapel but it isn't used anymore. Now it houses lawn mowers and such.

As you can see, not one flag on any of them and many of the stones are sinking.

The roads onto the post have changed since 911. The cemetery used to be just inside the main entrance but it's not anymore. There is a new main entrance. We asked directions at the security gate how to get around the post to the cemetery. Can you believe the military and visitor center guards didn't even know there was a post cemetery? It's where many of the fallen heroes are laid to rest but soldiers don't even know its there? Very sad.

What's even sadder is I believe one section of the cemetery has been converted to a part of the golf course. If I remember right there was a very old section of the cemetery with graves from earlier than WW1. Graves from a time before it was a large military base. I remember visiting there when I was very young (with my grandparents) and seeing the really old grave stones. But I couldn't find that section yesterday. What I did find was a much larger golf course than in earlier years.

We stopped at the visitor center on the way out to request that Dad's stone be raised and the grave filled in. The young man we talked with told us he would report it for us but I seriously doubt he meant it. He didn't write down the name or location of where it is. And....this was someone who didn't know there was a post cemetery.

My brother and I plan to go back there in the spring to see if anything was actually done. If not I refuse to leave the base until I talk to someone in charge of the cemetery!


EileenKNY said...

Contact your local VFW, American Legion and VA. They should be informed of the situation, and they have the clout to do something.
The post may have moved the older graves to another location, hopefully not just ignored their existence.
When you pray for your Dad, tell him "thank you" for serving.

Katie said...

That's very sad. Best of luck!