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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The eight to what quilt

Some may remember several months ago I took several red 8 inch squares and several 8 inch light squares and sliced and sewed until I got finished half square blocks that looked like it was made from 2 inch squares. Yesterday I finished the quilting on it. I will do the binding later today but first I have a t-shirt quilt to finish and get onto the machine.

To see the steps please visit my webshots album here. Look for the album called testing technique.

I hope the quilting shows up for you to see. I did a feather (again) in the border. I did leaves in the sashing. I did a flower design and line dancing in the blocks.

This is the back side showing the flower design of the blocks.

Another view of the block from the front.

This morning I tried my best to figure out what is ailing my computer again. I seem to be out of memory (pentium 4 processor) but not being computer literate I'm not sure. I want to start putting my hints and tips and ten to what quilt patterns into another blog pretty soon. I can't do that if I can't save the photos to include in the blog. Today after work I will delete out as many photos as I can to make more room.

I suspect some of my problems are caused by so many different photo sorting softwares added as I got new cameras, printers, etc. Each one wants to the THE one to use but none of them want to play nicely together. I guess a call to one of the nerd herd is in order after the holidays. But gee....they are so expensive! It probably would be cheaper to just get another computer.

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