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Monday, November 26, 2007

At home retreat

This may not be the same stashbusting as others are doing right now, but for me it is. Just because I don't own the fabric myself doesn't mean its not actual stashbusting, does it?

Getting the custom quilts out of the way means I will have much more time for organizing and stashbusting fabrics of my own. Yes, I know this is Christmas rush season for me. None the less, I did have myself a weekend retreat. I had two custom quilts to finish piecing so they can get their time on the machine before my vacation. I finished piecing the t-shirt quilt. Now it's ready for machine time.

Then I finished piecing this one. The picture is of half the top. I still have to add borders before it can be put onto the machine.

This was a design from Quiltmaker magazine. I don't like making designs from that magazine. I do them only if a customer requests it. The designs have very little in the way of instruction which makes shortcut piecing difficult. I'm glad I can just look at a picture and put together a quilt in a way that makes sense to me.

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