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Monday, November 5, 2007

What has stocking up on groceries got to do with quilting?

I'll explain in a minute...but first, I have to ask, has anyone on the blog ring heard from "Seams to an end" Karen? Did she make it through the fires ok? I sent a comment through her blog asking but haven't heard back from her.

This is today's finished quilt. This quilt just seemed to say it needed simple quilting.

A close up of the quilting. I used the Circle Lord crosshatching template in the piecing. A simple freehand scallop along the border.

Yesterday was a day to stock up on groceries.

I leave them in the front room until I can put them all away. That will be done as soon as I finish the blogging for today. What has stocking up on groceries got to do with quilting?

Hmm... its like this...if I'm not worried about what's for dinner, I can keep on quilting.

This represents about 6 months worth of staples. It's part of my time scheduling strategy.....to get the maximum amount of work completed in the least amount of time.

As anyone knows, shopping takes time. I want to save time by shopping for 3 hours one time every 6 months instead of one hour once a week, or twice a month, or whatever time most people shop these days. The cost of gas is a factor too. The fewer times going to pick up a few items at the grocery, the less gas used. I don't have a car but my daughter takes me. It's still gas used. (by the way, gas was at $3.29 a gallon for regular yesterday)

I spent a little less than $150 for everything that should last a good long time. Last time I shopped for the same items it was a little less than $100. I can see the cost of gas effecting everything already. On average my eating had cost me about $3 a week. I can tell right now that it will change to about $5 based on what I spent.

My daughter will pick up eggs and milk for me when she is headed this way. I don't usually get fresh vegetables or fruits unless a customer feels like giving me an apple or an orange as a gift. (a banana is an extra special treat) My veggies and fruit are in a can or in the freezer. If I had a garden, I would can my own veggies....canned is good.

I did pick up some fresh mushrooms, broccoli, and cauliflower from the discount table. I couldn't find anything wrong with them except a dark spot here and there. Those will be put into the freezer.

I sometimes go to the grocery after my guild meeting once a month. I have someone drop me off right around the corner and my daughter picks me up there later. I only look for items that are on the discount table. Anything I can put into the freezer. Somethings I get lucky and there are bananas there. Most people are spoiled to blemish free fruits and veggies. I'm not. Very few things come from a home garden blemish free. A cut here and there and the blemish is gone.

So that's what stocking up on groceries have to do with quilting. It's just one less thing to worry about as I concentrate on getting organized, staying organized, and staying ahead of the waiting list.

I'm off to start putting away groceries. It will take time to prepare the stuff for the freezer. I may not get back to the quilting machine today. We shall see....

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Randi said...

I've been wondering about Karen, too. Hopefully we will hear from her soon. Love the quilting you have been doing!