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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Stabilizers by the bolt

I buy interfacing by the bolt. I buy it this way because it's a time saver for me. I make custom made t-shirt quilts a lot. It was a hassle for me to catch a bus to buy a few yards at a time each time I had a t-shirt quilt to start. Bus rides are very time consuming. It's also hard to carry heavy bags of fabrics a couple of blocks to the bus stop.

I always remove the interfacing from the store cardboard and refold it my way. The refolding takes a little time now but saves time later. It's folded ready to cut into strips whenever I need it. The new folded size will also saves space in my storage room.

I sometimes get sheets from customers to use as the back of their quilts. I save the plastic sleeve and the inner cardboard but I throw away the advertisement part.

I roll my refolded stabilizer onto the cardboard like this. Then I remove the information from the bolt end and tape it to a bit of string then to this cardboard. This helps me to know exactly what I need to know about this particular brand and weight. It also gives me the information about which one may be running out. If I am down to a yard or two, its time to buy more.

I then place the stabilizer into the plastic sleeve to keep it dust free until I'm ready to use it. Here are the ones I have right now.

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Anonymous said...

GREAT idea!!
Diana in Illinois