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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Senior moments - a chuckle

Blogger wouldn't let me post this morning so I'm here late. Karen did create a post to let us all know she came through the fires in CA fine.

This is today's finished quilt.

I thought mittens on the border was appropriate for this one. I did line dancing in the pieced squares.

Wind meander behind the appliqué and stitch in the ditch around all the characters.

This lady has got to be the Queen of appliqué! I took a really close up picture so you could see how her stitches are invisible. It's all needle turn.

Oh yes.....now the chuckle.....

I thought I was being so very clever. I even patted myself on the back for being so organized. Having so many grandkid's birthdays to keep up with; I decided to put them all on the calendar a couple of years ago. It's worked out very nice the last couple of years that I can look at the calendar to know who's birthday is coming up. I can send a birthday card in time for each to get it before the date.

A nice helpful memory trick for seniors......right? Well evidently I'm not seeing too well with the new glasses after all. Or else its another one of those senior moments.....

The other day when I came home from the hospital I saw the mailman getting out of his car down the street. I was still groggy from the drugs given to me in the emergency room....I go inside to wait for him. I took a glance at the calendar to see what quilt is due next thinking maybe I could put it on the machine before getting more sleep......oh no!....Ellen's birthday was the next day. I hurriedly address the envelop of a birthday card. I get this done before the mailman reaches my door. No problem....Ellen should get it the next day...right?

Ok, today I'm looking at the calendar again to see what quilt is due on the machine tomorrow.....yikes! The birthday wasn't Ellen....it was Ellis. DUH! Then the image of Ellen's face and the faces of her parents flash through my mind.....all I could do is start laughing at the perplexed look they must have had......since Ellen's birthday is in February. It must have been totally confusing for them to receive a birthday card three months early this year.

I'm still chuckling at the strange things I do sometimes in senior moments.....

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