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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I broke my own rule

This is today's finished quilt. It's the t-shirt quilt I pieced the other day.

In order to give it a masculine look I did all over crosshatching.

I broke my own "no work me in quilts" rule. This one I simply couldn't resist. It is done by a child who really wanted to make his Mommie a quilt for Christmas. The agreement was that if he could get it made, I would make sure it got quilted. His Grandma helped him with the ironing and fabric cutting. He did all the piecing. It's on the machine right now. In order to get it quilted for him, I'll get off the computer and get back into the studio. Grandma will also help get the binding finished too. I really do love my beginning quilters!!

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Bev said...

I so love to see your photos and read your comments. Please do show a photo of the quilt that the child made for his Mommie.
We know you have a soft heart!
Take care,