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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Waiting list late arrivals.

Today's finished quilt. This lady has improved so much since her first quilt a couple of years ago. What's even more remarkable is that she has Parkinson's. It's difficult enough to get matching corners but to get them while the hands and body are shaking is outstanding.

As a special little something for her on this one; I did a rose in each corner with color threads. I don't usually change thread colors unless requested to do so. Now I can hardly wait to finish her other two so I can hear her say....Oh....my.....gosh! Same thing she says every time but this time will be special.

I did a feather in the border, curlies in the pieced border, le lace in the inside border, and crosshatching in the center pieced area.

I'm having a problem that must be handled this week if I'm going to manage getting my vacation early next month. I have 5 tops here to finish before Christmas. BUT.....I also have 12 (maybe 15) still on the waiting list for this month. I've called to ask that the tops be brought right away. In fact I called all of them November 1st. The customers aren't bringing the tops.

One person was supposed to be here after work last night. I waited and waited (way past my quitting time) but she never showed. Second time she has done this. What I'm afraid will happen is that all of the tops will arrive the last week of this month. This won't allow me enough time to finish them all before my scheduled time off for organizing and visiting my kids. I will either have to disappoint the customers or disappoint myself.

I'll make a last phone call to everyone today explaining that I need them here or they won't get done. It's not good for business for me to say it that way; but, the customers have to understand.....if it were a grocery store the manager is not going to hold off on closing just to accommodate a customer. Just because I live where I work doesn't mean I have to be open 24/7 and never a day off.

Yeah, right. I say that now. If the excuse is good enough, I'll give in. Why? I'm a softy. And because I need the money to pay the bills.

What I keep thinking of are those I had to tell I couldn't quilt their tops until January because my waiting list was already full. It's really unfair for someone to put their name on my list if they know that they won't bring the top to me in time. I could use that spot for someone else who would love to have their tops done before Christmas. I can't even call the January people because just as soon as I do....the December people will show up too.

Ok, I'm rambling.....time to go to work.


Katie said...

Oh wow. What a lousy position for people to put you in. I guess you need to give them firm deadlines, then they go to the bottom of the waiting list!

EileenKNY said...

Maybe you'll have to start asking for a non-refundable deposit when they make the reservation. That'll make them bring the quilts for sure!!
Never put business before family, Anita. You need the time with loved ones to recharge or you'll resent the customers for taking that away from you.