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Thursday, October 21, 2010

More ground beef

Since I was making ground beef I decided to go ahead and cook some of it for when I need to make a very quick meal.  I decided to cook half of what I had made.  There is very little fat in my beef.  I need to add oil for cooking. 

Of course I don't want all that oil to stay in the beef.  It needs to be strained out.  I put a canning jar ring in a bowl then set the strainer on top like this.

All the oil will drip out into the bowl.  The strainer is higher than the bowl bottom so no oil can remain in the beef at the bottom of the strainer.

Now I have lean ground beef ready to be used in any recipe using pre-cooked ground beef.  I don't know why the beef looks so dark in the bags.  Tricks of the camera I suppose.

Then I clean up the mess created by my grinder.   There are beef blood spots on my freezer two feet away from the mixer.  A whole lot more spots landed on the floor.   I gotta think of something I can make to prevent this. 

For those who already know about what I'm posting on my hints blog, these posts are for our young generations.  The young people who have not been taught to be frugal and never taught what real food is.


Anonymous said...

My mom didn't grind her own hamburger meat, but when hamburger was on sale she bought a few packages and cooked it up or made mini meatloaves for her and dad. She gave me some and it was so nice to come home from work and be able to just warm up the already cooked meat and make spaghetti or tacos. Speaking of grinders, she made the best ground bologna and pickles for sandwichs. I don't like bologna [maybe because I ate it everyday in my lunch growing up] but I loved her ground bologna. She attached the grinder to the side of the kitchen counter. I'll have to ask dad if he knows where that grinder is. Not only do you share your tips but take me back to happier times and mom's good cooking. Thanks! N

Anita Estes said...

N, do you remember your mother's recipe for the ground bologna? It sound interesting. I don't like bologna these days either. It doesn't taste like bologna we had years ago. Probably because these days there are so many fillers in it.