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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Daughter feels better now

A little homemade chicken soup and some rest works every time.  So here's the next finished quilt. 

Outlined all the applique with clear thread.  Yes, I did travel from the vine to the little berries.  This give the illusion of a stem attaching the berries and leaves to the vine without distracting from the simple design.

Line dancing on the squares.

A view from the back.  I used a slight green thread so it shows up better on the back.  Now you can see how the vine berries and leaves look attached.  I'll be putting the next quilt on the machine today.  It's a very large quilt.  I'm hoping it actually fits on the machine.

The sewer company finally got around to washing out the sewer with water.  No rain, lots of neighborhood flushing, add in hot weather and the sewer had gotten pretty rank smelling.  Having a sewer street grate with holes for ventilation in front of my house made for very unpleasant sitting on the porch time.  Sometimes it  makes a smell inside the house too.  Very embarrassing!

The food fairies were here again.  I still don't know who is leaving the foods.  I suspect it's a neighbor that goes to the food bank regularly.  These are probably foods she has been given and doesn't really want.  At the rate food is being left for me by the food fairies.... I won't need any groceries for a very long time.

Four more pounds of rice, more peanut butter, and more cereal.  Gosh, I've got to find some new recipes for those.  I can't see wasting any of this food and at the same time there are only so many peanut butter sandwiches, stir fry, and bowls of cereal one person can eat a month.  I also get those items in the commodity box every month.  Don't worry, I've a bunch of recipe books to help.

Today is a day for cooking, cleaning, crafting, and studying..... after I get that quilt on the machine. 

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

You can always share the food with your daughter, other family, friends & neighbors.

With all the quilts you do I can hardly tell you are retired at all. :-)