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Saturday, October 30, 2010

On point quilt part five

The on point quilt is finished.  I did the two inside borders last.  I did a large feather on the wide border and le lace on the inside border. 

Here is the setting triangles again and the inside border.

The customer didn't want black thread to be on the back so the black borders were done with mono thread on top and white in the bobbin.   It's impossible to have two colors of thread for the quilting without one of the colors showing up on the opposite side.  If I had used black thread on top and white in the bobbin; one color or the other would show up as tiny dots.  Mono thread does show up as tiny dots but since it's clear the dots are not as noticeable. 

You might wonder why I did a feather design on the wide border even though I knew it wouldn't show?  Well, it does show on the back. 

I try to make the back of the quilt look pretty too.

Just in case the customer wants to turn the quilt over and use it like that once in awhile.

Line dancing looks pretty on the back as well.

The setting triangles from the back.

When the customer brought this quilt top to me she said "just do the best you can" and that's what I did.  The quilt is now square and pretty.   Both of us can be proud of the finished quilt.  She brought two pillow squares for me to do that will go with this quilt.  I'll finish those today. 


kathi said...

TOTALLY AWESOME. the quilt looks great. what i am dealing with.. well. oh my. i did read how YOU did this. i don't think it would remotely apply to what i've got going. but WOW i sure wish it would. MAGNIFICENT JOB. yes, you did THE BEST.

Anita Estes said...

Kathi, I was hoping it would help in some small way. Oh well, worth a try. At least it is here in case someone else has one of these quilts and needs help.