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Monday, October 4, 2010


My weekend was filled with non-quilting things that really needed getting done.  I had an abundance of eggs to deal with thanks to a generous neighbor.  I froze some and dehydrated some.

I had some boxes of cereal that I decided to grind up with my new grinder attachment.  Now I have cereal crumbs that can be used as extenders in recipes.  I can also use these as coating mixes just like using bread crumbs.  One is sweet and the other is savory. 

Next there was the abundance of cheese getting close to the use by date.  I froze some and started dehydrating some. 

Hmm.... more food that needed to be preserved.  I dehydrated some and froze some onions that were starting to show signs of softening.

Decided that I would need bread this week.  Made a couple of loaves.   Made a bread pudding too.  Then made 6 pie crusts to put into the freezer.  Hmm... did I tell ya I love the new mixer?  How on earth did I get along without it for so many years?  Geeze, now I'm spoiled.

Then I worked on the window quilts some more.  I got all the edges finished.  I decided there was no need for a regular quilt binding.  Functional is better than fancy.  These are not contest quilts.... they are quilts to keep my windows warm.  My house doesn't care if the quilt edges are zig-zagged closed.  The weather is getting closer to winter.  I need these finished and installed in the next week or two. 

I do have the next quilt on the machine.  Today I will get it stabilized and decide on a quilting design.  Giggle.... yes, sometimes it does seem like I'm still quilting full time instead of semi-retired.  This time of year the machine quilter lists grow more silent because the professional quilters are in full swing with the Christmas rush.  Many of those won't have time for doing what I've done over the weekend.  A couple of years ago I would have given away or thrown away the eggs, cheese, and onions because there simply wouldn't be enough time to deal with them this time of year.  I would never have had the time to bake my own bread unless it was with the bread machine.  The customer quilts would take first priority over life happenings.  Only another professional machine quilter can understand the need for finishing just one more quilt, to make just one more customer happy before Christmas.  AND..... how it feels to be working Christmas Eve so the last of the quilts can be picked up for giving as gifts the next day while your own family is having fun without you.  For me.... never again.  Yes, I am semi-retired.  I have time for life again.  I sincerely hope you have time for life too.


kathi said...

LOVING it. that YOU now HAVE A LIFE and CAN ENJOY all the OTHER things that you let pass you by for so many years. WHOO HOOO. now HOW do you FREEZE ONIONS? and i NEED your bread recipe. My kitchen aid is feeling UNLOVED. it heard YOU were BAKING BREAD. giggle.

Anita Estes said...

Onions are simply cut up in whatever form you plan to use them for cooking and then frozen. No need for blanching or anything. Just freeze. Do not thaw before cooking. Just toss them in as is or else you'll get soggy wimpy onions.

Now Kathi, we can't have an unhappy kitchen aid. Make bread! You will love it once you get used to doing it. No more quick runs to the store to pick up bread.