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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thrift store finds

Look what followed me home yesterday.  A trip to the farmer's market then a trip to the thrift store and a lot came home with me. 

The stair basket is a gift for my daughter.  She didn't know it's for sitting on the stairs to the basement.  Instead of making a hundred trips down and up the stairs, items are put there and one trip is all that's needed.  The hand mixer is for her too if she wants it because I have one already.  The yarn is for me to test out my  knitting machine when I've finished the quilts for the year.  It's acrylic yarn because that's all I could find.  No one seems to be donating wool or cotton yarn.  Hmm.... maybe a knitter got there before me and took it all?

I was looking around my house yesterday and realized there are a lot of things I need to finish ASAP.  There's a chill in the air that reminds me cold weather is only a few days away.  Cold weather means higher utility bills.  The tv news is reporting we can expect to pay even higher than usual for gas this year.  Geeze! 

I hope to install the window quilts.... very soon.  I've been saying that for a while now and they haven't been installed yet.  Too many distractions happen to pull me away from my plans.  I'm determined to get the quilts put up in at least one room by Monday.  Right after I get the greens put into the freezer and after I finish the quilt on the machine and after I pull out the winter clothes and after......

You see what's happening?  Too many distractions.


kathi said...

GET those window quilts ON THE WINDOWS. i know you. you will do "for others" all the stuff and STILL not get those WINDOW curtains on. DO IT. i love ya.

the stair basket made me cry. my mom had one. i have no use for one. but it was SOOOOOOOOO my MOTHER. thanks for the EXCELLENT memory.

Anita Estes said...

Kathi, (giggle) it's not the quilting or helping others that's keeping me from installing the window quilts this time. As Ladybug says... I gggddd girl.

I'm putting greens in the freezer, making apple jelly, shopping tomorrow, and stuff like that instead of quilting OR putting up the window quilts. Can't waste food these days.

If I get the food done today then I should have time to do a couple of windows on Saturday. Of course, If I get some really good food bargains while shopping tomorrow, I'll deal with the food first.