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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wild knitted socks

Has anyone seen the wild color socks on Melody's blog?  (Tuesday, October 12) The mis-matched ones, (with orange and purple at the foot) look just like my kind of socks!  She's making knitted items and giving them away to her readers. I would love to have those socks but I'm too shy to ask for them. 

I got the borders of the current quilt finished.  This is how it looked a few days ago.

This is after I did the feathers on the two sides.

This is after I did the lines between the two feathers.

This is after the first inside border is done and I'm working on the second inside border.  Notice the little fullness spot on the left next to the setting triangle?  That was my target spot for taking all the pictures.

After the second inside border is done.  See how the fullness is being worked in so far?  Those are not pleats or tucks, they are just extra fullness.

Before the third inside border is done. 

After I got it finished.  There is only one tiny tuck at the target spot.

Here is how it all looks now.  I didn't do a stitch in the ditch between the inside borders when I was stabilizing the quilt.  I only did beside the widest outside border and next to the setting triangles.  Now that the quilting is done I'll go back and stitch in the ditch between those borders which will smooth out the last of the extra fullness.  The part that looks like tucks in the photo but really aren't. 

This is the design I've chosen for the large open areas of the quilt.

One of these feathers will be on the setting triangles.  I haven't decided which one yet.  It will be V shaped though.

I won't be quilting today.  I've got two bushel of greens to clean, cut up, blanch, and put into the freezer before Ladybug arrives later today. 


kathi said...

YOU are an AMAZING quilt DIVA. now CAN i send you pics of the LAST one in my quie? a DISASTER. but YOU would know how to "fix it"..

you GO GIRL...

Kim Dolan said...

You do beautiful work and perform miracles...I hope I am as good as you when I grow up.....have only had my Gammill 11 months so far so much to learn.....I enjoy your blog so much

Kim in Sydney

Anita Estes said...

Thank you Kim, time and practice is all it takes. Plus lots of sharing friends around the internet. Not at all like it was in the days when I started..... before windows for computers.

lw said...

I love that you were able to take in so much ease-- my first thought was that it would be impossible to have that border come out smoothly, but it turned out beautifully!