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Friday, October 29, 2010

On point quilt part four

Moving on to doing the setting triangles.  There is some fullness in these but not as much as there was in the squares.  The design I chose has fewer lines to it because I don't need to work in as much fullness.

I divide the triangles into two parts for the design I chose. 

I have the first half finished. 

Here's the second half finished. 

The corner triangle is smaller so only one half of the design on it.

One design that goes in two directions just like half the design in the larger triangles.

I finished the triangles and moved on to doing the pieced squares.

I did line dancing on these.   It was just enough stitching to tame the extra fullness of the pieces.

A strange thing happened when I was uploading the photos for this post.  Some of my pictures came up with a message of "security problem" instead of the photo.  What the heck does that mean?  I was merely transferring photos from my computer to the blog.  Does anybody know why that happened?  Is it an indication of a problem with my computer?  Should I be worried enough to send my computer out for repairs? 

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