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Monday, October 18, 2010

Freezing corn

I've said lots of times how we should not be paying for our own personal chef when buying groceries.  Frozen corn on the cob is one of those personal chef convenience foods.  The cost of buying tiny ears of frozen corn on the cob is far more than it should be when it's so easy to do it yourself. 

Most of the time I would pass right on by fresh corn on the cob that's been shucked and put into packages as fresh convenience foods.  You know the one's I'm talking about?  The packages of fresh fruits and veggies all cut up and ready to use.  I don't like paying a personal chef to prepare my fruits and veggies for me either.  I'm perfectly capable of cutting up my own fruits and veggies for half the cost of convenience.

I'm also a discount bin cook.  If the price, marked down, is less than buying corn with shucks on them I'll buy it.  Only if I actually need the corn though.  Ladybug loves corn on the cob so I decided to spoil indulge her a bit.  I bought two discounted packs to put into the freezer just for her.  The cost of the two packages discounted was half the price of regular ears of corn. 

I remove the rest of the shucks and silks then break the ears in half.  Hmm.... My son once asked me why they are called ears and not noses or chins?  Stopped me right in my tracks.  Duh, I don't know, go ask your Daddy.

I start a pan of water to boiling while I'm cleaning them.

I put a few into the boiling water.  I realize that's too many in the pot.  I remove one.

I want room around the corn so the bubbling water will turn them for me.  I won't need to stand there making sure all the ears are turned for the blanching.

When the water starts boiling again I set the timer for 10 minutes and go do something else.

I get a bowl of really cold water.  Adding ice is optional if the water from the tap is already cold from the weather.

When the timer goes off I remove the corn and put it into the cold water to stop the cooking process.

I put the drained corn onto a tray to flash freeze them.  The liner on the tray is a corn flake cereal bag I cut open.  Nothing sticks to it.  I wash it and reuse it all the time. 

I set the timer for an hour and go do something else.  When the corn is frozen I put it into packages for the freezer.  I could have wrapped the corn individually but chose to put them into a bag which will go inside another bag that's numbered for inventory.

That's it.  Now wasn't that easy?  So why would anyone pay double the price in order to pay a personal chef do this work for them?  Personally, I would rather use the extra money for something or someone special. 

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