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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Freezing grapes

Fruit goes bad very quickly once it's been picked. Sometimes I get fruit in season but there's not enough time to deal with it because of my quilting schedule. I could dehydrate these grapes but then I'd have raisins instead of grapes.  I could make grape jelly or juice.  I don't want jelly or juice right now and there's not enough time for me to make it anyway.  I like grapes as a treat on cold winter days without paying an out of season price for them. 

I decided to flash freeze these.  It's easy, just pick the grapes off the vine, rinse them really well, and put onto the tray to flash freeze.  In about half an hour I'll stir them around to prevent sticking together as one big lump of grapes.

That's it.  No other work to it.  In about an hour they are ready to pack into freezer bags. 

If I want a snack, I simply take out a handful and eat them as frozen treats or let them thaw in a bowl.  These grapes are as sweet as candy.  If I decide to make jelly or juice in a few weeks these work just as well as fresh ones do. 

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