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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Food, food, and more food

Here lately I've been getting food boxes left on my porch.  I don't know who is leaving the boxes but I  suspect it's a neighbor that goes to the food bank regularly.  This doesn't matter because I don't turn down food.  My grandmother always told me "if you like someone you feed them".  Well someone sure does like me alot. 

I never know what's going to be in the boxes.  Some items I know and use regularly.  Some are foods I've never tried before.  I'm willing to try new foods. 

I also get senior commodities once a month.

The problem I'm having is.... what to do with it all.  A storage problem and a what to cook with it problem.  There are only so many peanut butter sandwiches and only so many macaroni and cheese days I can handle a month. 

One of the problems with getting food from a food bank (or from food fairies) is that you never know what you're going to get.  It's a challenge to figure out recipes to use it all.  The workers at a food bank don't put idea sheets in the box, just random foods.  Food is donated to the food bank so they don't know what they are going to get either. 

At the rate I'm getting food, I won't need groceries for a very, very long time except for meat and fresh veggies.  (big ol' grin)  This should help my budget a lot.  


kathi said...

Ok. we get a PLETHORA of PINTO BEANS. now WHAT do you DO with PINTO BEANS? i KNOW you will know. same for the rice. LOVE the rice. but WOW. need some NEW ideas.

Anita Estes said...

Kathi, believe it or not but leftover beans can be added to chocolate cake mix or muffin mix as an extender. A cup of really smushed up beans added to the cake mix can take the place of the egg. It works better in chocolate cake than in white cake. It may not sound appealing but you really can't taste the beans when there is chocolate involved. (grin)