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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Short sizing

I'm sure you have heard of short sizing.... right? Ok, let me explain just in case you haven't figured it out yet. Short sizing is when a manufacturer will change the package so it appears you have the same thing you have always bought; but, they have done something to the package to give you less for the same amount of money.

A box of crackers will have one stack with a few missing crackers so it looks like a packaging mistake. Peanut butter, mayo, and many other things that come in plastic bottles now have dimples in the bottom so you really don't notice a few ounces missing..... until you run out sooner than before. Some plastic bottles are now touted as having a handle grip area.... sure that's what they say but it's another way of short sizing.

Well here's my latest discovery of short sizing. I came upon this one by accident. At least I think it's new. I've been unable to find smaller furnace filters. I'm a person who will use what is available so I decided to cut a larger one to the right size. I figured I can make two from one.

You see this furnace filter clearly says 12 x 24? I measured it to find center.

Just look at this. 23 1/2 not 24.

Awww geeze.... this company is short sizing furnace filters! Not only is it 1/2 inch smaller but it's much thinner fibers than before. Does this mean they expect me to buy filters more often? Not if I can help it!! There has to be another way and I will find it somehow.
Well anyway.... I did cut the filter in half. But this leaves one side too flimsy. It needs more strength to handle the strong furnace intake.

Well.... I got some of my trusty cardboard and made a new side for it. Taped the ends and stapled the filter to the cardboard. Now it's strong enough to use.

When it's time to change again, I will remove that piece of cardboard and use it again.
The thing with furnace filters is that the larger size has always cost the same as the small size. Which confuses me about the short sizing. Why not just charge more for the larger size instead? There must be something about their logic that's going over my head.
When I come up with a more frugal way to use furnace filters I'll let you know.

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Troy said...

Great tip about cutting your filter in two. Two for one is always a good deal.
There is a legitimate reason for short sizing filters. The size listed on the filter is actually the size of filter rack that the filter will fit into. Usually but not always, you will find that the filter rack measurements are the same as the size listed on the filter.
This allows for some discrepancy between filter size and filter opening. If these two measurements were the same the filter would often not fit into the opening. The same rule applies to the filter thickness. How to determine furnace size