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Friday, January 16, 2009

It came back to me and I'm glad

This quilt doesn't have enough quilting. Some toppers like lots of quilting and this owner is one of them. I knew that this would most likely come back to me when I sent it out. I couldn't figure out what else to do with it. I'm still not sure what else I can do. There are lots of do-dads on the signature blocks. I have to come up with something really fast because it needs to be sent back out by Monday at the latest. Hmmm.... there goes my weekend and my MeMe time.

I'm serious. I'm really glad the owner felt she could send it back to me and that she did. The worst that can happen for a machine quilter is for a customer to be unhappy with the quilting but not tell the machine quilter. Instead of returning the quilt and working it out with the machine quilter; the topper just doesn't go back. Then when someone asks why the topper isn't going to the quilter anymore... the topper tells how unhappy they were with their quilt. Then that person tells another.... and that one tells another.... and that one tells another. See what I'm getting at?

All machine quilters know they are part of a team creating a finished quilt. A bad reputation as a team member is nearly impossible to overcome. Toppers should feel comfortable enough to go back to their machine quilter with any concerns. The machine quilter will fix the problems. So while I may be unhappy I made a mistake.... I'm really glad the customer trusted me enough to send it back.

Ok, enough type-talking.... this quilt won't get done unless I get in the studio to do it.

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Anonymous said...

could you do a small motif where the intersecting white blocks meet? Just a thought. Harriet- who enjoys reading your daily's