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Friday, January 30, 2009

The power is still on

I had my neighbor take some pictures for me. I was too afraid to walk on the ice. Old bones break easily. These pictures were taken when my neighbor was standing in the empty lot next door. Here is the tree branches on the power line I told you about. See the broken part of the tree? See that large branch just above the broken ones? It's normally straighter and not leaning.

Here is where the branches rest on the power line. It wouldn't take much to make the line break. Another falling branch would do it. The one that's leaning above is the one I'm thinking may come down too.

Another view of where the branches are hanging on the lines.

And a view of some branches on the ground.

I won't have to worry about cleaning up the mess though. The man who owns that truck lives in the house behind me. He gathers up fallen trees and branches to burn in his wood stove. As soon as the weather is better he will be out there with his chain saw cutting this mess up into the right size and stacking it in his yard for next winter's fuel. He goes around to different neighborhoods gathering wood every time there is a storm and downed trees.

I saw on tv the parade of heroes coming into town. The long line of utility trucks from out of state. It looked like thousands. Those guys and gals are certainly heroes for lots of people in this area! This is the second time in only a few months they have come to our rescue.
I'm getting restless to do something... besides quilting.... for a day or two. The contest quilts are almost finished. I hope to have the last one done today then I'll reward myself by cleaning house. Doing something physical instead of mental for a day gives me energy to get back to the machine.

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