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Friday, January 30, 2009

Emergency preparedness - batteries

As soon as I heard we might get an ice storm and possibly wide spread power outages I started getting prepared. I gathered the items I might need.... just in case. By the time the ice storm of 2009 arrived... I was ready.

During the wind storm of 2008 when I lost power for over a week; one thing I really should have had on hand was batteries. Getting prepared for this storm.... I could have bought several packages of regular batteries and hope they would last... but which size and how many? So, being the frugal person I am; I bought rechargeable batteries.

Well hmmm..... without electricity I can't be plugging in a battery charger can I? So I ordered this little gadget. A solar powered charger. I bought it on Amazon.com. They have several different brands. I ordered the cheapest one. Now I can charge up batteries even without power. Actually this is the third battery charger I've owned over the years. I bought my first one back in the 70s when my generation first tried to get people to use alternative energy. The charger I had before this quit working a couple of years ago. I procrastinated on ordering another one until after the wind storm taught me a lesson.

With shipping it cost about $25. I believe it was well worth the money. This is a frugal person's gadget because it uses only the sun to charge batteries. This gadget would be good for anyone who is expecting their utilities to be turned off too. Lots of things run on batteries like lights or phones or toys.

So if you are thinking about items to keep in your weather related emergency kit.... a solar battery charger and rechargeable batteries might be a good investment. Aww shucks.... a gadget like this is good for anytime if you want to be frugal and green.

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