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Monday, January 26, 2009

Another quilt finished.

A formal feather on the outside border.

A fun feather on the inside border.

One block design.

Second block design.

A fun leafy design on the sashing around the blocks.

I didn't get any work finished on Friday because I took my SIL shopping. Saturday I didn't get any work done either because I was babysitting while my daughter went to buy her another car. Hmm... seems she has graduated to a family size mini-van. It was not her first choice but was the one that is payment free. Paying cash is sensible. I'm proud of her for not taking part of the insurance settlement and buying a car with payments due.

I have some very important quilts to finish this week. The guild challenge quilts. I'm not allowed to show pictures of them so I may not be making a post for a few days. Any time I need to concentrate to get lots of work done.... I stay away from the computer, the tv, or anything that might distract me.
We are expecting an ice storm. It's not supposed to be a major deal; but, it might cause some power outages from falling branches. Which is why I want to get as much done as I can before anything happens. I'm glad I bought some extra lamp oil and new wicks for my lamps. I'm getting my laundry done and doing some cooking. Just in case....

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Lindah said...

The quilting on this quilt is so beautiful! Each segment of each block is just special...keeps me going from one little square to the next. This is real artistry! Do you plan it all out? or does it just flow as you go?
Please stay safe and warm in the storm!