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Monday, January 26, 2009

I think I figured it out

What am I talking about? My last post about furnace filters and how there has to be a better way than paying for a new one every month. Well, yesterday when I was looking for a special piece of fabric I came across this. It's bridal veil.

I thought..... why not? So I made a simple envelope for the filter to slip inside then whipped a few large stitches on the remaining side to keep it shut. Two or three should do it.

I'm not sure this will work but I'm giving it a try for a few days. So far it doesn't seem to be causing a problem for the furnace. It's thin enough the air flows freely. I'm hoping that the dust will be caught on the veil so it can be slipped off and washed.

Why would I go to this trouble for a cheap air filter? I'm only experimenting. I don't know if you have looked lately; but, some furnace filters cost 30 dollars or more. For my furnace that would mean paying for two filters a month..... which would be over 720 dollars a year. Nope... nada... not in my budget for that.
I'm not going to pay that much for filters but maybe a blog reader does? Or maybe someone has lost a major part of their income and is searching for ways to survive? This would be one way of reusing a filter.... if it works. Even if it only works for one extra use.... it saves money. Money that can be used in other ways.
If you decide to use this.... please be very, very careful. Keep a close watch on the furnace to be sure it works for you before using it permantly. Some furnaces may not work properly doing this. 

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