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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Do you suffer from the "someday" syndrome?

Last night while talking with the twilight angels I realized just what this syndrome is. For those who don't understand twilight angels; it's the thoughts that go on in your head between first laying your head on the pillow and full sleep. The thought conversation you have with yourself about the things you need to remember to do. It might be a list you need to make, a friend you want to call, a birthday card that must be mailed, something to thaw out for tomorrow's dinner, a quilt design that you should draw out.... any number of things that you want to remember to do. The things you just happen to remember at bedtime and want to keep in your mind for when you wake.

Anyway, as I was thinking of the goals I had set for 2009 and all the projects I had set aside for someday; the twilight angels asked me when will someday arrive? I reply that someday never arrives. Someday is always in the future. So the twilight angels ask me why I have so many "someday projects" if someday will never arrive. Huh? Now where did that thought come from?

So I keep holding a conversation with the twilight angels. I think of all the things I say I will do.... someday. Maybe you have someday projects too? See if any of these fit you.

I have fabrics in my stash I will get organized or made into a quilt.... someday.

I have completed and partially completed tops that I will finish quilting and give to a family member or charity.... someday.

I have some nick knack's that were in my Aunt's house that I'm afraid to let go of or my Grandma's handmade doilies and aprons I say I will sort and pass on to the kids.... someday.

How about one of these someday sayings?

I can't get rid of that. I might need it..... someday.

I will get over it.... someday.

I will get around to it..... someday.

I will read all those books.... someday.

I will sort and give away some of that fabric.... someday.

I don't use those quilting templates but I might..... someday.

I will finish all my ufo's.... someday.

I will get it done.... someday.
My kids can go through those to keep what they want..... someday.

There are other variations of someday that we all use; such as,

maybe next week or next month

maybe when I finish this

maybe later, I can't right now

So why is it we have so many someday projects? Hmm... I wonder...... why do I have so many?

At this time of year many people set goals for a whole year. Most people abandon the goals by February. I'm one of those people too. I set goals for the year and within a few days find myself abandoning most of them. Why? It's not because I no longer like the goal. It's not because I no longer want to do keep up the goal.

I think maybe it's because I have too many goals and too little time. Too many projects will not fit into my timebox. My timebox has a set number of minutes or hours for each day and only so many goals and projects will fit into it. I have to remember that the choices I make today will affect my future as well as the future of others. The choices I make today can cause me to miss opportunities I will regret later. Here's an example: My furkid Dylan waits patiently for me to take a break from type-talking to pet him or play with his bear too.

I can either take the sudden opportunity to stop for a moment of furkid love or I can ignore it and keep type-talking while he grows older and dies suddenly like furkid Franklin did. Uh.... excuse me for a moment.....
Ok, that's better.
Where was I? Oh yes, the someday projects. I've read of some quilters putting together a ufo list of projects they've had for 10 or more years.... waiting for someday. Is there some sort of fabric shortage I don't know about? Oh, I see, they are just being frugal. If they spent money for the pattern and the fabric 10 years ago, they shouldn't forget they bought it, so it must be finished.... someday.
I've read that some people have stacks and stacks of books they must wade through in order to reach the other side of the room. All of the books are something they plan to read..... someday. I want to ask them; are all the books stores and libraries closing? Are we on the brink of disappearing books? So why are you reading this blog post instead of reading those books?
Surely you have plenty of someday projects taking up space in your house too?? Maybe you are afraid to let go of some of your abundance? Who said we need so much stuff to begin with? Was it those people who tell us to "buy, buy, buy or spend, spend, spend" so we can keep the economy going?
Maybe you believe that if you let go of your "stuff" you won't have the memories anymore? Do you really think you will forget someone you loved just because you don't keep everything that belonged to them on display all the time?
If you really, really don't want to get rid of an over abundance of cherished items..... why not create some memory boxes and fill them with the items. Keep only one or two items for display. Store the memory boxes in the garage, or the attic, or some place where you can get to them whenever you need a trip down memory lane? Or when you want to change the display item to something different. This will at least give you more room to maneuver through the house while still keeping all your treasures that may not have the same meaning to anyone else. Label the boxes as memories of _______ so everyone will know whats in the box.
If you really feel the need to keep all those books or all those ufos or all that fabric; do you really need to keep it on display? Can it be stored away for.... someday? As for me, I have many items I plan to pass on to my kids instead of storing it. I want to see them enjoy what I give them. Not wait for them to pick and choose after I'm gone.... someday.
As you can see, I've changed the way I think about saving everything. Well, this is the year of change isn't it? I no longer feel the need to keep everything as before. I don't feel the need to hoard things for fear if I get rid of it I might need it again.... someday. Someday never arrives... it remains in the future... so... "what me worry?"

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Faye said...

you could make an heirloom quilt/crazy quilt with the stuff form your gma.