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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Organizing papers

More about getting papers organized

Yesterday evening I decided to do a little more organizing and filing of my papers. I pulled out my batch of warranties and instruction booklets to see if anything could be disposed of. Anything I needed to keep got it's own individual file folder which was then put into my file box. This should make it easier to find when needed.

I thought.... hey, maybe I should record information on my stuff in my emergency preparedness packets while I'm at it. I'm already touching the papers.... why not go a step further at the same time? So I did an internet search for a form I could fill out but nothing seemed to suit my personal needs. I thought.... why not create my own? Which I did. This is not what the final finished form will look like but it will do for now. I will add more information and photos later and reprint the forms. This picture should be clickable to see it larger. It's just something I typed up in MS word.

As I went through my papers and booklets I started filling in the information on my sheets. I was not concerned about getting all the information right now. It was an organizing session.... not a fact finding session. If I came across the information I recorded it.... if not, I didn't worry over it.

I know it's not very frugal of me to plan on reprinting all these forms later but easy is more important at this point. I don't want to drive myself crazy. I just want to get my papers organized. I had warranties and booklets in one place. I have receipts and cancelled checks in another place. I have repair information in yet another place. Right now all I want to do is get all the information in one single place. Hmmm.... make that two places. In a file or on a sheet.
So here is an example of one of the sheets I filled out.

I happened to have the receipt for my stove with the operation manual for some reason. The manual went into a file folder and the receipt got put with the sheet. Why? Well because this will be what I take with me if I ever have to evacuate my house. Whether it be because of fire, flood, or other reason.... this packet will go with me. Insurance companies want to see receipts. I'll also keep these sheets handy when I find time to start sorting through my receipts file. It will be easy to simply attach a receipt as I come across it.

I think that's about all I will do for now. Quilts must get done.

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