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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Frugal without coupons?

I've been asked if I can be just as frugal without using coupons? Absolutely! I only used coupons because they are easily obtainable in my area and I enjoyed the game of finding the free items. After type-talking to some blog visitors who can't get or use coupons so easily I decided to give them up for a while.

So..... out they went!

Each time I used a coupon I had to decide which was the better alternative.... a brand name with a sale and a coupon.... or a generic. Sometimes the generic was the better bargan and sometimes not.

I will miss the coupon game just a little; but, it certainly will free up some of my time. My daughter doesn't believe I can give up coupons so easily. She's never seen me shop without coupons because I've used them longer than she's been my child.

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