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Monday, January 12, 2009

Repurposing - also called recycling

As you know I love finding new uses for items that might otherwise be thrown away. This is a container that used to contain grated cheese. Now it has baking soda in it. I can use one side opening for shaking the soda as a cleanser and the other side opening for adding to laundry.

This used to be a ketsup bottle. I use it for cooking oil now. I don't use more than a spoonful or two to coat the pan when cooking and this give me more control than the pour bottles do.

Since I've decided to take time for "me me, pick me" projects this year instead of working at the machine for 60 to 80 hours a week..... I made this over the weekend.

See..... I told you I knew how to make cardboard furniture. This is as far as I got finished in one day. There are going to be doors, shelves, and drawers when it's completed. I'm making this one curvy and whacky just to satisfy the artistic "me me".
Making furniture from cardboard has been around almost as long as cardboard boxes have been made. I first learned the cardboard techniques back in the 70s when it was "hip" to reuse items. In those days we used almost anything to make crafts. Many people have kept up with using odd items to make crafts over the years. I wish I had done the same but I didn't. The only crafts I kept doing were quilts, rugs, and occasionally crochet.

The economy may be really bad and lots of people are worried; but, it certainly has made seniors (like me) very popular. Young people are turning to the older generation to find out about frugal living. It's kind of nice to know I am "fashionable" again with so many young people going back to the basics and living "green".

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Anonymous said...

Anita, This cardboard furniture is totally amazing!!! I honestly have never seen this done before!! (I am close to your age.)
YOU are amazing!!!
diana (the quilter)in Illinois