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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice, ice and snow everywhere

I thought I'd let you know I still have power for now. This is a Dogwood tree near my front door. It's bent nearly double from the ice.

This is the light pole directly across the street. See the ice hanging from the light?

Sometimes I have the best luck! I always say it's because angels whisper in my ear to "do it now" even when I don't think I can afford it. When I follow their advice it's usually a good thing. Let me tell you about one time when I listened. Last summer I had some branches cut off the trees behind my house. I was worried that a big storm might bring the branches down and damage my house. At the time I really didn't think I could afford to pay to have them cut. It was a financial struggle but I did manage. Now I'm so glad!
These are the trees I'm talking about. I would have walked out to get a better picture but I was afraid I might fall on the ice or something might fall on me. I took this picture from my front porch looking back.

This is some of the mess the storm has left. As far as I can tell, none of it is on my roof.

What you can't see in the picture is a very large branch laying across a power line back there. I tried to take a picture from my back window but the glare from the plastic made it impossible. I'll see if my neighbor will take a picture of it for me later today... if he ventures out.
That branch could snap the power line at any time. At some point I may loose power if the line snaps. I'm not sure though because I'm not sure if that line would affect my house or not. If I do loose power I have my kerosene heater. Yes, I do know how to use it safely. I used kerosene as heat for 7 years while I saved enough money to buy a furnace.
I guess I best get into the studio and get some work finished while I still have power. I'm still working on the contest quilts that I can't show pictures of yet. They aren't large but the quilting goes very slow because I have to be so careful.

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