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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

She loves it now

The returned quilt is done and received by the owner. She's much happier with it now and so am I. Being a machine quilter means I become a partner with every topper who brings me a top to finish into a quilt. Just like I will be honest when I see a piecing problem.... I hope my customers feel comfortable enough to be honest with me when my quilting isn't quite what they expect. If they don't feel comfortable then I'm doing something wrong.

This is the quilt before it was sent back to me.

I did an echo around the characters on the border corner blocks.

I did a lot of meanering. Meandering is the only thing I could think of doing because of all the do-dads on the signature blocks. But; to make it a bit more interesting I put in some things related to a quilt guild meeting. Coffee/tea mugs. Don't ya love the expression on the face of that dog?

Well what's a quilt guild meeting without sissors, needles, and thread?

Needles need pincushions. None of the pin cushions have needles in them, except for one. Want to know why? Well, it seems all the needles were busy sewing the quilt sandwich together.

Feathers just naturally go with quilts too. I know the feather is hard to see. The best picture I could get though. Try clicking on it to make it larger.

Another top is now a quilt.

Sometimes its hard for me to find the block within the design. I will lay it out on the table and step back. That's when the blocks appear. This one has a border made of squares. It got a feather design on the green / blue part (inside border) and a leaf design on the (outside border) white part.
You see the sashing and the setting triangles? The setting triangles have a leaf and curl design.

The sashing and cornerstones got another type of leaf and curl design. The blocks got line dancing.

Another view of the setting triangles.

Another view of the border feather.

I got another quilt finished too but I can't show pictures of it. I'm not allowed to show picutres of the guild challenge ones.... only my own.
Another top is loaded onto the machine and waiting on me. It's another top that the blocks are not quite visible at first. I haven't quite figured out what to quilt on it yet.

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