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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Things just happen

Yesterday was a day away from home with my daughter. It was her birthday so we spent the whole day together. We went baby stuff shopping. We didn't buy much but it was just fun going and being together. We don't spend much time together anymore. When kids grow up they lead different lives.

Sometimes things just happen to let me know I'm headed in the right direction. A couple of years ago when I created a unicorn quilt things just kind of happened along the way to it's creation. It won best of show at the state fair. My best quilt ever.

It's happening again. If you look at the drawing I posted yesterday. Look at the hat on the lady. I had in mind to have a peacock feather in the hat center. I don't have any peacock feather type fabric so I thought I would shop to see if I could find some. We couldn't find any. Well look what the fabric fairies left on my porch yesterday. That fabric was just kind of peaking out of the bag.

The lady is going to be dressed in purple. I had been thinking about buying thread to match all that purple. Look what arrived in the mail. Two cones of purple that are a perfect match to the fabrics for the dress. (thank you Kathi!) It's hard to tell in the photo but it's does match perfectly.

And my rug frames are put together. I have a small one and a large one.

I don't have the cording for stringing it yet but I can start cutting up fabrics to get ready for when it arrives. There was a whole box of fabric left by the fabric fairies yesterday that is just right for cutting into rug strips. You think I'm heading in the right direction now? Hmmm....you think the fabric fairies could leave me some brick fabric for the house in the charity quilt? Ok, fairies, I'm making a wish for brick fabric.

Time to get into the studio for a bit of cleaning and putting things away before doing some 'me' things today. Hopefully to work on the charity quilt and possibly cut up some fabric strips for rugs.

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