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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rug started

The mailman brought me my rug cording. The one on the right is what I received. The one on the left is what I've been used to using.

The fabric is going to be a lot different for me too. The one on the right is what should be cut to use this frame. The one on the left is what I've been using on my own homemade frame.

I couldn't wait to get started even though I probably won't have time to do anything else until after the Christmas rush. I only got the small frame strung and then worked a couple of rows. It's definitely a different feel to the work. Larger than I'm used to working with. I think the fabric I chose is much too stiff. I will try some different fabric before continuing.

One of my customers (Rusty) helped me with my computer. He showed me how to move pictures off my computer onto disks. YEAH!! I had a cd burner drive installed several months ago but I never could get it to work. I didn't know there was special software on my computer for burning cds. I wonder why the computer person who installed the drive didn't tell me that. This is one more helpful thing I can use in my January reorganizing. I have several years worth of pictures on the computer that I can now store on disks and speed up my computer.

I'm late getting started this morning. I didn't sleep well last night. Someone was hanging around near the house which made the furkids start barking. Just when I would drift off to sleep the barking would wake me up. I will be dragging around most of the day so I best get started.

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