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Thursday, October 4, 2007

No pictures today

I'm having trouble figuring out the lighting for my camera. I hope to have time to read the booklet today.

I see in the blogs of the MQR blog ring how others are knitting socks. I do knit but I don't know how to make socks and I can't find good instructions on the internet. As an alternative to knitting socks I make rag rugs of many kinds. I crochet some, I braid some, I toothbrush some, and I twain weave some. Back in August at the Nashville AQS show I ordered a couple of rug weaving frames from a vendor.

My rug frames arrived in the mail yesterday. They are wonderful! Maybe I can get them put together today. It was missing the strings I ordered with the frames so I sent an email about that. I'm really anxious to get some fabric strips cut and start weaving. No time for that right now though. Christmas quilts come first! And I have to wait for the string.

Going to work now....

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