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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Searching for fabrics

The fabrics I'm searching for is below. If anyone can help it will be appreciated.

These are the finished quilts from the other day when I didn't have the pictures. I used the circle lord clamshell on this one.

Used the circle lord square dance template on this one.

Ok, I could really use some help if anyone happens to read my blog and knows more about internet fabric searches than me. I must be looking in all the wrong places and I'm getting frustrated. I've had people searching through all the fabric stores in Kentucky while going on the shop hop this past week. There is one person checking the fabric stores along her way to Florida. No luck so far.

If anyone happens to see this anywhere, on any site, please send me the link so I can order it. It is "Naturescapes woodgrains by Deborah Corsini for P & B Textiles" I'm extremely doubtful either one can be found. I checked the P& B Textile site. I couldn't find it there either.

I also need a link for a red brick fabric to recreate this into the background behind my Victorian man and woman. If need be; I could over dye some fabric, if it represents the scale of the brick. The brick would be a very tiny scale.

Hmm....maybe this art quilt stuff is not going to be as easy as I thought. Finding the right fabrics is the hardest part of being creative. I could draw and paint the house but that's not the type of art I want to do. If I did that I could just use a canvas to paint on. I want to use existing fabrics in my art.

Ok, I'm going to stop blogging and start more searching.

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Terri S. said...

You might find the brick you're looking for here: