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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Storms headed this way

Taking the hint from Judy L., I'm packing an emergency bag, changing my shoes, getting the furkids into their crates, locating the flashlights, hooking up the non-electric phone, and getting prepared to take shelter. I sure wish I had a basement at times like this. I'm sure glad I had those tree branches cut back and off the roof a few weeks ago.

According to the news, the storms are about 50 miles from here. They are saying we shouldn't get any tornadoes but we probably will get winds between 75 and 90 miles an hour with a lot of lightning. I believe I will be safe but I may loose power. I wanted say that if I don't post for a couple of days it will be because I can't get on the computer. I should be able to receive phone calls though.

Without power I will not be able to quilt either so I'm working on the machine until the last possible minute. Time to turn the computer off and get back to the current quilt.

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